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  Jump Starts

If you jump in your vehicle & turn the key & the dash lights come on, maybe the radio comes on...but the engine won't crank over? Maybe you even hear some clicking or ratcheting sounds when you turn the key? You may not have a mechanical breakdown, Your battery may be dead. You tell yourself, "but the lights work, how can my battery be dead?"  Well, that's a more complicated answer for another time. Depending on what your vehicle does while trying to crank the engine, can give a good indication of if you just need a jump start or if it's a mechanical issue and you need a tow truck / Flatbed.  (we can help with both) We're only a Phone call away...Just click on the number to call directly...  When you call Purcell Towing & Roadside Assistance for Help, We'll ask you a few very simple questions to see if you just need a jump start or if we should send a tow truck. Purcell Towing has Over 30 years Experience in the Towing & Recovery / Roadside Assistance industry. We have all the very best tools & equipment available in the industry!   *We also offer HEAVY DUTY JUMP STARTS... details are in the Commercial vehicle section*

Keep in mind, If you get a jump start from someone else, They may NOT be able to, or don't even think to check to see if your Alternator is working! Your Alternator is what produces all the electrical power when your engine is running. If it's Not Charging... your vehicle WILL stall shortly after disconnecting the jumper cables and leave you Stranded.. again.. and you'll need a Tow truck to get it somewhere to replace it..... Batteries can go dead for multiple reasons. It could be as simple as you left some sort of lights on...maybe your serpentine belt is slipping or broken. if that's bad, your alternator cannot charge.  It could be that your battery is getting old and sulfated and nearing or at the end of it's life. (3-5 years is normal battery lifespan in this climate, depending on how it's used) It's not unusual for a weak or old battery to still start your vehicle when it's warm out, but when it gets cold.. it struggles.  Give Purcell Towing a call & we'll get you on your way ASAP. 

   "Lockout" / Keys Locked Inside your vehicle
Uh oh, You didn't?... Did you?  Yup, You accidentally locked the keys in your vehicle ! Now what do I/We do? You could try to blame the wind for closing the door, maybe the dog or the kids hit the lock button...Either way. you're locked out of your car and need a "lockout".... Don't worry, It happens All the time. I actually had a customer about 25 years ago that locked herself out of her vehicle THREE TIMES IN THE SAME DAY... Not joking.  So relax, Grab your phone (or ask politely to borrow one if yours is in the vehicle) Google  "Purcell Towing Apple Valley, Mn" .... We have all the specialty tools designed specifically for opening modern vehicles. (we can open the older ones too, Even "Wing Windows" from the 70's & 80's.

   Gasoline Delivery 
Well, you ran out of gas... I guess "E"  Doesn't mean "Enough" huh? ... Maybe your gas gauge or vehicle computer "miles to empty" feature isn't too accurate or you thought you could make it a few more miles. Maybe you simply forgot to look at the gauge. Either way, you're stranded now. Most people don't have a gas can with them, and the nearest gas station is a LONG WALK there and back. Simply call Purcell Towing & Roadside Assistance.

Purcell Towing is unique, even just how we deliver gas! ... we are one of the Only Towing & roadside assistance companies that can deliver a larger, more realistic amount of gas to get larger vehicles going again. Most towing & roadside companies, usually only carry a small 2 gallon gas can.... Why? Because that's all that most insurance companies or motorclubs will pay for, as well as due to limited storage space on tow trucks for big heavy gas cans. Why would i need more than that to get to the nearest gas station? Simple... Imagine a 2 gallon bucket poured in a bathtub (your gas tank).... There might be 2 gallons in there... but when that gas is spread out over the bottom of the whole tank tank.... it's not very deep is it? ... there's not much for the fuel pump to suck. If you've pulled over on the shoulder, or on any type of hill/incline...just the slope of the road can cause that little amount of gas to go to one side of the tank & it's not enough to get you started. This is common on large vehicles which usually have big gas tanks.

Purcell Towing offers our customers the option of 2 gallons or 5 gallons! Right on the truck, every day, as soon as we get your call. Combine them for 7 gallons if you want! Additional gas over the 7 gallons we carry, is available in 5 gallon amounts by special request. *The cost of the gas is additional from the service call fee and is based on how many gallons you want*  All of our gas is always Fresh & never more than 30 days old. If we don't happen to sell it to a customer, we burn it in our own service trucks & it gets replaced with Fresh gas. 

*SPECIAL NOTE*  If you've got a newer vehicle with a "Capless" fuel filler  (no gas cap)..... Keep in mind... you can't just pour gas in from a can like usual, it'll dribble down the side of your paint on the ground. There is a special locking device on the flapper door that will not open without a gas pump nozzle or the special funnel required to unlock the flapper lock. If you don't have that special tool...WE CARRY THESE and can help.

commercial vehicle heavy duty semi truck jump start Commercial Vehicle / Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starts
We offer commercial vehicle and heavy duty semi truck jump starts.  We carry a custom made 4,000 amp commercial jump start unit specifically built for starting the biggest diesel trucks on the road.....*We do not use old fashioned gas powered "starting units"... those can be damaging to the electronics & computers on modern trucks & create voltage spikes. Even diesel pickup trucks can require Massive amounts of amperage to start, Especially on those cold days. From light duty diesel pickup trucks, to medium duty straight trucks, School Buses or Ambulances... all the way up to eighteen wheeler semi trucks, We've got the power you need!

*Note... We DO NOT offer towing services for HD commercial vehicles. We only offer the ability to deliver you plenty of Battery power to crank your engine. If it spins over decently and fails to start, you could have mechanical issues requiring a Diesel Mechanic.

Keep in mind, Diesel fuel starts to thicken the colder it gets.  It will crystallize  (get cloudy) about 32F above zero. Around 15-20 degrees ABOVE zero depending on the fuel... Diesel fuel will start to "gel up" & start to plug fuel filters & is harder to flow in the fuel lines.  Many OTR trucks can drive over a thousand miles between fillups & they might've bought fuel in warmer states and it's not compatible with our cold weather. If you're gelled up, unfortunately, we can't help you, you'll need a HD mobile Diesel mechanic or you'll need to be towed somewhere that the truck can warm up.

  Tire Changes  * some service restrictions apply*

Getting a Flat tire or worse yet.. a Blowout.. is never fun for anyone involved. Even the act of trying to change a spare tire isn't what it used to be on Many vehicles now. Many Modern vehicles DO NOT even have a spare tire, the Only option is to Tow it to a tire shop to repair or replace it.

The most common problems with spare tire changing only applies to some types of vehicles. For several years now, manufacturers of Pickups, minivans & many SUVs decided it was a good idea to "hang" the spare tire underneath the vehicle on a "mini winch cable"... where it's exposed to rain, snow, salt, car washes, gravel roads etc.... The problem is, originally those cables would rust... then the weight of the tire would occasionally cause the cable to break when you hit a bump or pothole etc.... then the tire falls out of the vehicle going down the road & often times caused serious accidents. Then they decided to incorporate a "safety latch" similar to your hood (pop the release inside, then you hafta hit the safety release under the hood to open).. Well, you guessed it, those safety latches also rust.. and you can't get the spare tire down. This is NOT something you try to figure out on the side of the road, it needs to go to a shop to fight with it. Sometimes they even need to be cut out of the vehicle... it's a VERY poor design vs what they used years ago. The second most common problem, is the customer will not have the special vehicle specific tools the manufacturer includes with the vehicle, that operates the winch under the vehicle. These tools are not universal from brand to brand. so service companies cannot carry tools for every brand & type of tire mount. For this reason, primarily because of how common it happens... We may not offer this service during certain poor or very cold weather conditions. We will be happy to tow your vehicle to a warm shop where they can fight with it or just repair/replace your tire that will need service anyways.

Safety NoticeUnder no circumstances will spare tire changes be performed on highways/freeways or ramps/dangerous traffic etc... Unfortunately this service is not available anymore. Due to the number of Tow Truck drivers injured & Killed working on the highways in past years (average of one driver EVERY 6 DAYS)... working on the highways trying to help other people in need, needlessly, seriously injured or killed....Tire changes simply require too much attention to complete the change as well as time out in traffic while unable to safely keep an eye on dangerous drivers that do not obey the MOVE OVER or SLOW DOWN law!  If you get a flat tire or a blowout on the highway/freeway etc.... we will be happy to tow you to a tire shop where it can be repaired or replaced.





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